At Graziher we think rural mums are pretty special. We know they come in all shapes and sizes; mean different things to us, and are a big part of our lives. They might be your mum, the mother to your children or a mother like-figure who has meant something special to you in your life. 

To pay it back a little to them, we'd love to invite our Graziher community to pay a little tribute to country mums by sending us in a photograph of a mother that means something special to them.

Please send in via the form below – a high res photograph along with a short message that will be published alongside it in our Autumn magazine*. Our deadline is the 6th February to enter.

*8 entries will be published in the magazine and the remaining tributes will be published across our blog in the lead up to Mother's Day. 

How to enter: 

1. Upload a high res photograph of your rural mother figure to the form below. 

2. Write a short message or letter to the intended mother. 

3. Make sure the form is filled out correctly. 

We'll be in touch with the selected winners and will be publishing 8 in our Autumn magazine, as well as featuring more on our blog and social media in the lead up to Mother's Day.